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Help the Marshimals Escape!

The powerful and diabolical Termigators are planning to harvest Marshbits from the citizens of Marsh! It is up to Mallow and friends to help the citizens escape from the collapsing worlds and to stop Termigators once and for all!

Smash your expectations and download Mash Dash! on iPhone and Android OUT NOW, by the studio that has brought you NOTHING!

Key Features:

  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Memorable characters
  • Strategic Power-ups
  • Dangerous obstacles
  • Even MORE dangerous enemies
  • Tons of unlockable content
  • An awesome, retro-inspired soundtrack
  • Endless fun filled gameplay!

Complete the objective by gathering MARSHBITS and open the LIGHT PILLAR for the next level! Make sure to pick up useful power-ups along the way like DASH BOOTS and JUMP SPRINGS which help you navigate the dangerous stages!


Avoid NEGA-BOLTS, which teleport you back, or BACKFIRE BOOTS, which will reverse controls, and TRAP TILES which get you stuck! But most of all, avoid the MARSHBIT-hungry TERMIGATORS!


Collect MARSHBITS to unlock new characters and accessories to help you climb the top of the global leaderboards! Don’t forget to play the JUJU BOOM machine for random rewards!


Help your diverse cast of heroes escape from the clutches of the TERMIGATORS. Use their unique quirks like MOLLY the Bunny's MAD HOPS which gives you extra double jumps and BAUER the Panda's FLAT FEET which gives you one less tap from tap tiles to get through obstacles!

  • Mallow the Raccoon

    An avid pie connoisseur living in Meringue Moore, drowning himself in baked dough and fillings every day . After the Termigators attack, Mallow escapes the attack in search for a new pie hole to live in.

  • Kendrick the Lemur

    After releasing his first rap album “Dang!” Kendrick instantly became #1 on Marsh TV’s HARDEST 20. Kendrick uprooted from the ghetto Rocky Road and moved into a luxurious mansion at Melon Point to escape the Termigators attack. Feeling guilty from leaving his best friend Bauer behind, Kendrick ventures out from safety to search for his friend.

  • Krieg the Dog

    Kreig was always the slowest racer in Pancake Park despite being a dog. During one of his nightly jogs, Krieg stumbled upon a marshimal running away from a group of Termigators, that’s when it dawned on him: the secret to running fast isn’t by training, it’s to run away from being chased! Since then, Krieg became the fastest runner in Pancake park and earned himself the title “Blitzkrieg”.

  • Bauer the Panda

    In contrast to his soft and cuddly appearance, Bauer grew up on Rocky Road: The Slums of the Ice Cream Forest. Making a living picking locks from the rich, Bauer became a local legend amongst all the street urchins. He welcomes the Termigators assault on Ice Cream Forrest as he finally has a chance to test his skills of survival.

  • Justine the Beaver

    Ever since she was a little girl, Justine dreamed of riches and fame. However, as the 105th Dam Keeper, she cannot leave the Dam. To become famous, she beautifies the dam and took photos of herself with the majestic background. The first Dam Keeper’s calendar ‘Hot Dam!’ was released and sold wildly. Even some Termigators secretly purchased copies for themselves.

  • ??? (Many More to See!)

    As you dive deeper into the world of Marsh, you’ll find over 250 combinations of characters, skins and accessories to experiment with and 70 different character ability archetypes to achieve many different metas in gameplay!


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